How does iTecs IT Outsourcing save my company money?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of a network and computer systems administrator for 2016 was $79,850.  On average, our clients pay around a 3rd of that and save tens of thousands of dollars more since we provide various software applications and services; all included in your affordable monthly fixed fee.

  • $79,850.00 Full-time Network Administrator yearly average cost
  • $18,000.00 iTecs Outsourcing yearly average cost


Our IT Outsourcing services provide you with a very proactive, off-site IT department focused on providing you and your users the highest level of professional support.


When you use our IT Outsourcing service, we provide a primary and backup network administrator who maintain, manage and provide both remote and onsite support.  You get their cell phone numbers and email addresses; there are no dispatchers, you call your network administrators directly for any questions or support requests.  You are also assigned an account manager, who will handle billing and any concerns you may have with your assigned network administrators.

How do I request support?

We make it easy for you to request support.  You can call, email or text your network administrator directly.  You can send an email directly to the iTecs Ticketing System to populate a ticket or log into the portal to manually create one, which your assigned network administrator will immediately receive.

How do I know your company is proactive and doing what is needed?

We use our ticketing system to track all support requests and maintenance tasks performed.  We also ask our clients if they would like the assigned network administrator to come by their office on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, just to stop in to say hello.  There’s a reason why we’re able to keep clients for ten plus years, our attention to detail and professionalism never tapers off.  We are excited to maintain, manage and support your companies IT needs daily, as we did on day one.

What do I get when I use your company as our off-site IT department?

As part of the affordable fixed monthly fee, you will receive various services, software and hardware to streamline your infrastructure and reduce your overall IT overhead.  Below is a list of some of the benefits to using iTecs IT Outsourcing services.

Unlimited Support & Consulting

We treat your network as if it were our own, we are scrupulous and proactive when we are entrusted to managing your infrastructure.  There is no limit to our support, consulting, and procurement services; we are also available 24/7.

Cloud Backups

Having a copy of your data stored offsite is a crucial component to any company’s disaster recovery plan.  We make sure that in the event of a fire, flooding, burglary or vandalism, you can recover all your data.  Visit this link to learn some chilling statistics concerning how often businesses fail when their data is unrecoverable.

Procurement Services

Take advantage of our vendor channels and receive procurement services as a convenience; iTecs leverages our relationships with Dell, Amazon, and other vendors to give you maximum savings when purchasing hardware or software.  iTecs offers this as a service, we do not up charge or make a profit on any hardware or software we procure for our clients.

Antivirus Software

We install the best-in-class, centrally managed antivirus software on all servers and computers which protect your systems from viruses and malware. Never worry about purchasing licenses, this saves your company thousands of dollars a year.

Network Monitoring

We monitor every computer, network device, and server to ensure that your systems are reliable, online, and ready to provide value to your business.  Our group can see your network and infrastructure, real-time, in a 360-view.

Imaging Software

We provide imaging software for your servers to create snapshots, and in the event a server becomes inoperable, we can reapply the image to new hardware.  This gets your server back up and running within minutes versus having to rebuild everything from scratch.

Ready to get the best IT outsourcing services available in the Dallas metroplex?  Give us a call toll-free at (877) ITECS 10 or send us an email using the form below for more information.  Visit iTecs main website for details on all the best-in-class services we provide.

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